Monday, June 27, 2011

Photomerge Program to Put the Images

Shoot multiple frames and stitch them together using panorama software. Shoot multiple frames of your soon-to-be-panorama, overlapping the edges of each image by at least 25%. Many wide angle lenses display some distortion at the edges of the frame; this is easily seen when a straight line is placed on the sides of the frame and is bent or bowed. Make sure the lens you are using either doesn't have any distortion (not a fisheye for a fixed focal length lens) or is zoomed in enough to eliminate any distortion on a telephoto lens.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Taking Wild Animal Pictures Photos

You may be fascinated with pictures of animals in the wild. At one point in your life you might have imagined yourself taking pictures of animals that are rarely seen in the city. You might have seen documentaries where professional photographers slowly crawl on the bushes just not to disturb a feeding lion or a sleeping bear. You may never know, you might get a chance to take pictures of animals freely walking in the wild. If you do get that chance you may want to consider the following tips or rules.